My nickname "The Northern Monkey" was given to me many years ago whilst working in the kitchens because of my infectious banter, positivity and cheeky nature. I was born in the North of England, Manchester.  

At the age of 15 I started out as a Kitchen Hand so I could save enough money to study art at university. I quickly started moving up the ranks in the Kitchen as my creative flair allowed me to look at things from a different point of view. Cooking quickly became my addiction as well as creating art.

Working in Italian, English Pub Gastro, Argentinian and French fine dining before starting my fine arts degree at the innovative Manchester School of art.  Whilst selling art and being a chef in the UK I started to focus on my next chapter.

Travel was high on my agenda because of my multi racial background of European and Bangladeshi. I wanted to experience cultures that where engraved in me and use my cooking skills to get me from A to B. From Europe, India, Asia and the U.S I immersed myself in as many kitchens and cuisines as possible. Eventually washing up on the shores of Sydney, Australia in 2008.

My Australian journey began in Sydney working as an agency chef in every kitchen imaginable. From hatted restaurants, pop up events, catering and to becoming the executive head chef of the Reserve Bank of Australia in 2010. In 2014 I began my crusade of positivity by sharing my gift of creation through food & art through my you tube and Facebook channels.

My movement is to show people how you can express yourself through what you love.  My style of food is all about simplicity and combining experiences, culture, colour and sustainability to create awesome food for every one. From Manchester, UK to now living in Sydney, Australia. Food and Art has taught me many things, including that seasonal is far more reasonable, respect the land and others and when things aren't adding up in life, start subtracting.

"Its all about becoming the best version of yourself"

Jamie. x



What is Little Man Jerk? LMJ is the tastiest, fruitiest Jerk style sauce in the Southern hemisphere. Inspired from the traditional Caribbean Jerk flavours with a twist of positivity.

The Little Man Jerk Story The Northern Monkey's good friend Simon Norris and business partner was visiting the beautiful beaches of Thailand. He met and became great friends with a fun loving Jamaican man named Steve who introduced Simon to his secret recipe for JERK SAUCE. Everyone fell in love with it. Simon promised he would share the JERK SAUCE with the world but only when he found the right people to help him spread the flavour. 

10 years later, while snowboarding in the mountains of New Zealand, Simon met Jamie Henshall AKA The Northern Monkey and Kevin Spence. All united through positivity and an awesome friendship. "Little Man Jerk" was born

What is The Northern Monkeys role for Little Man Jerk? LMJ is made up of 4 partners and The Northern Monkey is the in house chef, marketing and positivity guru for Little Man Jerk. 

Little Man Jerk is a Jerk Sauce that will leave you addicted, full of love and positivity. This handmade "JERK" sauce has a unique spice and fruitiness. 

Shop online here to get your Original, Habanero Hot or Seasoning.

You can also find it at your local Harris Farm. 




The Northern Monkey is all about fun, food, educating and sharing the positive energy through screen, in person or at an event. Always working on video recipes, vlogs and other external projects. Reach out to work with TNM. Boom

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